Micropayments for Content Creators

Omega is a cheap and easy way to accept micropayments from readers

Let your readers become into your supporters

Omega provides a super easy, secure, fast and cheap way to receive micropayments from readers. The most important thing is that you will receive 95% of the money every time a reader wants to pay you for your content, no matter if he wants to pay you 1€ or even 1 cent.
No fixed fees will be applied.

What if you could receive money instead of Likes?


Omega is an easy system to make and accept micropayments online. Paying for a content is as easy as clicking on a Like button.


Omega makes paying for digital contents a very fast experience as readers won´t need to create an user accounts on your web or blog. Neither tipping their credit cards or loggin into Paypal.


Omega works as a digital wallet. Once a reader charges its wallet with some money all transactions will flow on ower system. No banks are involved. That way we can offer very cheap transaction fees. The idea is charging a 5% of the transactions without any kind of fixed fees, even if your readers want to pay 10 cents.


Omega is a very secure system as it works as a firewall between webstites and bank accounts. Readers will find more confortable not having to share its personal data with all the blogs and websites they visit. They will feel more happy to share some coins with the content creators they like. And you will find more secure not having to keep sensible user data in your website. Is it more secure than Paypal? Maybe


1. Omega wants to provide a payment systme to empower digital content creators.
2. Omega wants to be transparent always.
3. Omega won´t have shareholders.
4. Omega will grow organically. Slow. Or it won´t exist.